Small Groups

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At First Baptist Church, we believe that life is better together, and our small groups are designed to help you grow in your faith, build meaningful relationships, and support one another in your journey with Christ. Our small groups are gatherings of individuals and families who come together regularly to study God's Word, pray, and share life's ups and downs. These groups create a warm and welcoming environment where you can connect with others, ask questions, and explore your faith in a safe and supportive community.

  • Brotherhood Ministry

    A Brotherhood ministry within a church is a specialized program or group dedicated to meeting the spiritual, emotional, and practical needs of the male members of the congregation. This ministry aims to create a supportive and nurturing environment where men can grow in their faith, develop strong Christian values, build meaningful relationships with fellow believers, and actively serve their community and church.

  • Sisterhood Ministry

    The First Baptist Church Sisterhood in Elizabethtown, Kentucky is a dynamic and close-knit community of women within the First Baptist Church congregation. This Sisterhood is a vibrant and integral part of the church, dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, fellowship, and support among its female members.

  • Sunday School Teacher's Corner

    For Sunday School/VBS Staff information

  • Women’s Missionary Ministry

    This small group is for any woman of our community who would like to be a part of the FBC-E’town, KY Women’s Missionary Ministry.

  • Youth Ministry

    The Youth Ministry at FBC - E’own, KY has a mission and purpose centered around nurturing the spiritual growth and development of young people within the church community. This may involve teaching them about the Christian faith, providing opportunities for service and outreach, and fostering a sense of community and belonging among the youth.

  • Senior Adults Ministry

    The First Baptist Church of Elizabethtown, KY Senior Adults Ministry is typically open to all senior adults, regardless of their background or level of faith. It is an inclusive and welcoming environment for seniors to explore and grow in their spirituality. The FBC-E’town, KY Senior Adults Ministry often organizes social activities and outings to promote a sense of fun and adventure. This might include day trips, outings to cultural events, or regular gatherings for fellowship.

    To become a part of our Senior Adults Ministry, just click on the Come Join Us button below.